Catherine’s Mercy is Out Now!

Okay, technically Catherine’s Mercy came out yesterday, but I wasn’t able to write this blog post because…well, just trust me. Anyway, its here! I am so proud of this book and so happy that it is out in the world! Last night, I even had the amazing experience of seeing it advertised in Times Square, right next to a Billboard that was just advertising the musical Wicked a few moments before!

Many of you know that Catherine’s Mercy started out life as a short story called Consequences. For those who read it, I hope you enjoy learning more about Catherine, Margaret, Grace and Lord Montague (and several new characters). If you haven’t, I hope you will take a chance on another amazing historical woman, Catherine McAuley, who founded the Sisters of Mercy despite having an aversion to religious life.

Please note: this book is mainstream historical fiction, not Christian or inspirational fiction. There may be scenes that those who are sensitive may find offensive. But nothing is gratuitous and everything serves the plot and is historically accurate.

Anywho, I wanted to re-share the blog posts I wrote when Consequences came out, as well as the Pinterest board for the book.

Also, these were the book rankings from yesterday on Amazon. Look at the bottom one. Does anyone else see irony in this?

About Catherine’s Mercy
Here’s more information about the book and where you can buy it. I hope to do more blog posts related to the book soon, but I can’t make any promises because life is crazy right now. (Maybe I’ll do a personal post on that in a bit…still deciding.) Regardless, I love you all and thank you for your continued support.

Outrageous. Unprecedented. Irrepressible. Words not often used to describe someone on the path to sainthood. But Catherine McAuley was no ordinary woman.

In 1824, Catherine, a Catholic spinster of 44, unexpectedly inherits millions. However, unlike most women, she doesn’t use it to climb the social ladder or snare a husband; she uses it to fulfil a lifelong dream of building a refuge for the poor and sick of Dublin, Ireland, run by women of faith like herself. That an unmarried woman would dare propose such a thing is so scandalous, even her own brother calls it “Kitty’s Folly.” Dublin society turns against her. The Church tries to take over. To all of these men in positions of power, Catherine must defend her choices or risk losing not only her inheritance, but her reputation and her life’s calling.

One of the first women who seeks Catherine’s aid is Margaret, a maid in the house of Lord Montague, the loudest of Catherine’s detractors. Daring to protect herself from his advances and rebel against his maxim of total obedience, Margaret is left with no choice but to flee or face his wrath. Desperate, she goes to Catherine for help, setting off a series of events that would haunt Catherine for the rest of her days.

Remembering Margaret’s escape, Grace, another of Lord Montague’s servants, soon seeks refuge at the House of Mercy after being dismissed without a reference. There she is taken under the wing of Anna Maria, Catherine’s closest friend, and becomes an integral part of running the burgeoning ministry. However, unbeknownst to all, Grace is also one of its greatest threats, for she knows secrets her former employer would do anything to keep and that the Church could use to destroy Catherine’s ministry.

Based on a true story, Catherine’s Mercy, brings to life the exciting tale of Irish reformer Catherine McAuley and the women who helped found the Sisters of Mercy religious order, one of the first to minister in their communities rather than pray behind cloister walls. As a laywoman and then a nun, Catherine is a beacon of mercy and compassion in a world much in need of both.

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  1. Congratulations, Nicole! That must be a fabulous feeling, seeing your book on the Times Square ticker — and even better, knowing many people will be reading it soon. Thanks for bringing attention to this story.

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