Writing Strong Women Since 1999.

I began writing what would become the first Guinevere novel in September of 1999. That book took me over a decade to complete. The others have gone faster (Been Searching for You took only two months), but what hasn’t changed is my passion for what I do and for making sure my books are ones I would be proud to have any woman (and her daughters) read.

I started out as a historical fiction writer, and that will always be my first love, but I’ve recently branched out into contemporary romance/women’s fiction and non-fiction, too. It wasn’t a conscious choice. When a character comes to me and asks me to tell her story or an idea insists on being explored, I can’t resist.

No matter the time period or the genre, I believe in writing about strong women. They may be able to wield a sword, use magic or simply stand firm to what they believe in. History has had enough passive, docile women. It’s time for new role models to have their say.































Novella/Short Story