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If you’ve gotten to the part in Consequences where Margaret visits Catherine McAuley at Coolock house, you may be wondering what it really looks like. After all, there was only space in the story to describe the outside, the entryway and one room.

Luckily, I was able to tour it several years ago and I have pictures! Also, there is a nice video of it on Youtube. (I didn’t have anything to do with that.)

Coolock House is today a residence for the Sisters of Mercy, so there were obviously private rooms we could not see.

The gatehouse c. 1870. Image Source:

Coolock House c. 1906. Image source:

The exterior of Coolock House. Those are my travel companions on the steps. The two older ladies are Sisters of Mercy and the one in blue is my friend to whom the novella is dedicated.


The entryway staircase that features in the novella. See the bell to the right? That’s in my book as well.


A sitting room that was the inspiration for the one Catherine and Margret meet in.


This was the chair Catherine was sitting in for that scene. They are authentic to the house in the period in which Catherine lived there.

A garden at Coolock House. The view is directly to the left of the front door if you are facing it.

Part of Catherine’s personal tea set.

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  1. How fun this is to see the actual residence! You made the story more enriching and personal. This is over and above for an author and a delightful for me as a reader. Thank you, Nicole.

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