Sunday Summary #ROW80

ROW80LogocopyThis weekend has gone by too fast! It makes me sad to be writing this already. But I did make a LOT of progress.

Make Progress on Book 3 – Not much here. It’s still in my thoughts and I was playing with a possible scene, but didn’t actually write it down. I did do a little research on some specific things that I’ll add in once I get back to focusing on this book.

Write Glastonbury by December 31 – I’m almost ready for NaNo, which starts in less than two weeks. My four days off have been exclusively dedicated to getting this thing ready to be written. Yesterday alone I spent 13 hours researching. I found a whole few angle to my female MC and one of the minor characters came alive and has become a lot more important than I expected. Twice yesterday history affirmed things I thought I was going to have to take liberties with. I love when that happens!

I am miles ahead of where I was in character planning. I’ve got an Excel spreadsheet with a tab for each character (I’m calling it my character dossier), that lists their motivations, appearance, strengths, weaknesses, enemies, allies, etc. along with a photo and brief summary of their history and character/plot arcs. I like it so much I may have to do this for all my future books. I still need to put in a few more details and I have a few more research books coming, but I should be done with all of that in time for NaNo.

I also have a historical timeline and the beginnings of an outline. Now I just need to think through the whole thing and note down the specific scenes that come to mind, as well as those that are symbolized by pins on my Pinterest board for this book. I had wanted to do that today, but I think my brain needs a break.

Write at least four days each week – No writing this week. Like I said above, I’ve been playing with scenes in my head, but haven’t committed anything to paper.

Win NaNoWriMo – As I said above, I think I’m in pretty good shape for this to happen. I started the Scrivner writing software tutorial and am attending a workshop on it next weekend. I just got back from our local kick-off party, which had about 40 people, so I’m amped up to get going!

Exercise every other day – I’m peddling on my exercise desk (half stationary bicycle, half desk) as I write this. My back was really hurting last night from sitting in a soft chair all day, so I did some yoga stretches and a brief “ballet workout” (it wasn’t what I expected) video from YouTube last night. Yet, somewhere in this week I missed a day. I’m not sure how that happened. Oh well, get back on track this week, right?

I hope all of you have the same beautiful weather we’re having and are enjoying it.

PS – My cat wants to blog, too. He just jumped on the keyboard and typed something in cat. I think it says “hello.”

8 thoughts on “Sunday Summary #ROW80

  1. Sounds like a good week. Isn’t it weird how time can get away from us? Suddenly we’ve missed a workout or something with no real idea how it happened. Modern life I guess? You had lots of great progress this week, though, so hurray!

    And “hello” back to your blogging kitty.

    • Hi Kim, thanks so much for all the support! My blogging kitty says it’s nice to meet you. (He’s a Burmese, a seriously talkative breed in any medium.)

  2. My cat prefers Facebook! Hello, hello kitty!

    it sounds like you’re doing well so far, and ready to take on that NaNo challenge. I’ve done more planning already than any other time, and I have more to go. I’m sooo excited with my story and how its skeleton is coming together!

  3. Hmmmn….comments do not seem to be my friends tonight….yours is the second one that’s gotten eaten!

    Sounds like you agree doing great so far. I lose days, too,sometimes. They turn out to be some of my favorites!

    I’ll see you out there in NaNoLand, and may your scenes frolic merrliy till then!

  4. OK, so I was going to comment on a number of things from your check-in, but that wonderful P.S. has to go at the top of the list. It was like a great twist at the end of a story . . . even if that wasn’t your intention. 🙂

    At any rate, kudos re: researching! That definitely isn’t my forte.

    All the best with NaNo. One of these years, I’ll jump aboard too.

    • Hi Steph,

      Thanks for your comment! I, too, am a fan of the plot twist -which you’ll see when my books come out – but i have to admit i didn’t plan this one.

      Thanks for the research kudos. It’s my favorite part (after writing, of course).

      I’ll keep you updated on NaNo!

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