The Parable of the Two Bowls

This is my first non-fiction post over at Spellbound Scribes. I forgot to share it on my own site! I’m a monthly blogger there, so I’ll share my thoughts here when my posts come out. Hope you enjoy.

Spellbound Scribes

As writers, we live and ply our craft in an interesting juxtaposition: we’re told not to compare ourselves to others, while constantly being asked to write more and faster because XYZ famous author does it and the industry demands it.

Social media makes comparing your skills/speed with other writers extremely easy and tempting. If you hang out with other writers (as I do) you’re constantly seeing who has written X number of words, finished which book, or is being praised for his/her prolific-ness. And on top of that, you’re first to hear nasty rumors like the recent one that publishers expect four books a year now from certain genres.

Obviously, dwelling on this is not healthy – for your mental state or your creativity. But ignoring everyone else is easier said than done.

I never understood how NOT to compare myself to others until I ran across this Louis…

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