ROW80, Here I Come!

ROW80LogocopySo, since I don’t have enough to do (feel the sarcasm), I’ve decided to join the next round of ROW80. What is it? It stands for A Round of Words in 80 days. It’s a writing challenge that lets you set the goals and then you report on them twice a week for 80 days.

I’ve watched other authors do it and have been thinking about it for a long time. I think it may give me the motivation I need to get my crazy goals for the rest of this year accomplished. I’ve also seen writers use it for non-writing related goals, so I may throw some of those in there as well. All I know is I work a lot better with public accountability, so this should be a good opportunity for me.

What are my goals? So glad you asked:

  • Finish Book 3 by October 31 – This will just be a first draft, but I’m anxious to get what I know of the plot on paper so I can revisit it in the new year and turn it into something worth reading. (Yes, all books start out this way.)
  • Write Glastonbury by December 31 – This is the book that was conceived at Glastonbury Abbey in June (hence the code name) and is one that I’m currently researching. It will be my National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) book, so that should set me up pretty well for success. Again, all I’m aiming for is a first draft.
  • Win NaNoWriMo – This is my second year participating and would be my second win. 50,000 words in a month? Piece of cake! (If you believe it’s easy, I have a bridge to sell you.)
  • Write at least four days each week – Pretty self-explanatory. I’m not specifying word counts, because some days it’s 5,000, while other days, I’m lucky to get 20.
  • Exercise every other day – Last year I gained about 10 lbs. during NaNoWriMo and I’m still carrying them with me. Exercise is the only way I’m going to lose them.

The newest round of ROW80 starts October 7, so starting that day you’ll see twice weekly posts from me updating my goals until the end of the round on December 26. I’ll label them “ROW80 Update” or something like that, so if you don’t care to see what I’m up to, just hit delete. (I won’t be offended.) But personally, I’ve found following other people’s successes and failures very comforting. It makes me see that I’m not alone and that my human frailty is just that – human – and not personal.

PS – I made my SitDownWrite goal of 15,000 words, in case you were wondering. You know you were. 🙂

Is anyone interested in joining me in ROW80? Have you done it before? If so, what did you think? Any advice?

4 thoughts on “ROW80, Here I Come!

  1. I love this idea. I’m going to join you. I just need to decide what my goals are! I’ll post them over on my little patch of the blogosphere.

    And congrats on reaching your word goal!

    • Thanks! So glad you’ll be joining me! Make sure to read the official rules over on the ROW80 site so you know what to expect. I’m looking forward to watching us both progress! (And just imagine what our March goals will look like…Secret Project and all.)

  2. Oooh, a nanoer. Just the idea of writing 50,000 words in one month makes my brain hurt, so I’m in awe of anyone with the ambition to try it. :o) I hope you’re very successful with your Round 4 goals.

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