Shout Out for My Friend’s Book Birthday

image001Hi all. Just a quick note to let you know that my friend Shauna Granger’s book Age of Blood, the final book in the Ash and Ruin trilogy, is out today. You may remember from the cover reveal that I was a beta reader for this book, and in fact each book in the trilogy.

Needless to say, I loved it, or I wouldn’t be strongly recommending that you go buy it. It’s YA dystopian, but not like you’ve seen before (believe me, I’ve read my share). The trilogy has something for everyone: world ending disease, government conspiracies, a bit of the supernatural, a kick-ass female lead, and yes, a love story.

If you missed the first two books in the series, you can get them here: World of Ash (book 1) and Time of Ruin (book 2).  If you stay up past your bedtime reading or have nightmares about poisonous tea like I did, blame Shauna, not me!

Congratulations, Shauna!