The Once and Future Queen Wins Twice at the Next Generation Indie Book Awards

It’s contest season, and I’m thrilled to announce that The Once and Future Queen took home two awards at this year’s Next Generation Indie Book Awards! It won (in a tie) in the General Non-fiction category and is a finalist in the Historical Non-fiction category. They give out medals to both finalists and winners, so I will have a gold and silver to add to my collection!

I’m so happy that is book got recognition from my peers. I wrote it out of passion for Guinevere and to make a contribution to Arthurian scholarship, knowing it wouldn’t likely sell much because the topic is so niche. To have it honored gives me a great boost of confidence going into my next non-fiction books and is great reassurance I didn’t write this book for nothing. (We writers can be so insecure, you know.) Plus, it will be displayed at the American Library Association (ALA) Conference, which is huge.

Book Giveaway Winners

giveaway-winnersThank you so much to everyone who entered and/or promoted by 35th birthday book giveaway contest. And thank you for the birthday wishes. You are all wonderful!

I used rafflecopter to pick the winners and here they are (Each of you got your first choice. I’m so glad it worked out that way!):

  • Emma (Words and Peace) won Group 5 (the second historical fiction pack)
  • Susan won Group 6 (the third historical fiction pack)
  • Lyra won Group 1 (the fantasy pack)
  • Nikola won Group 4 (the first historical fiction pack)
  • Christina won Group 3 (the chick lit/romance pack)
  • Petra won Group 2 (the mystery pack)
  • Dominka won Group 7 (the non-fiction pack)

Thank you all again for entering. I’ll be contacting you shortly about shipping. And even if you didn’t win, stay tuned because you never know when I’ll decide to give away something else. (I’ve already got another one in mind when a future book of mine comes out…)