No Kiss Blogfest: Novel Excerpt

no kissToday I’m thrilled to share with you a sexy scene from my newest historical fiction book, just completed on December 30. (Obviously, it’s unedited, so please don’t judge it too harshly.) This is part of the No Kiss Blogfest (check em all out here), where we writers share scenes where our characters almost kiss…almost.

Victoria turned away, not wanting him to see her blush. Her stomach twisted, gut telling her what her mind refused to admit – there was more behind his words than professional admiration. “You regard me too highly.”

Suddenly her hand was in his and he was kneeling before her. “No,” he said firmly. “It is others who do not regard you highly enough. My dear Victoria, you are queen of my heart.”

She inhaled sharply as his lips brushed the top of her hand. She knew she should pull away, to discourage him, but his touch was so gentle, she found so could not. What was worse, she realized the reason she had been so aloof – from their very first meeting until now – was that she was attracted to him. Try as she might to deny it, it was true.

Theodore raised his head, the slight upturn of his lips telling her he read the emotion in her eyes. His thumb caressed her palm in lazy circles, asking questions his lips dared not form. She didn’t move, but gave herself over to the sensation of his touch, eyes riveted on his as though by some preternatural force. His hand slipped from hers and gently traced the veins up her arm, over the soft curve of her shoulder. She shivered as he ran the flat of his fingernails along her collarbone and up her neck. With an artist’s grace, he slipped a finger under her chin, tilting it up toward him.

Looking deep into his eyes, Victoria felt a connection unlike any other she’d ever experienced, even with James. If she didn’t know better, she’d swear an oath Theodore was a mesmerist who now held her under his spell. Anticipating his kiss, she felt like a maid again, pure in the innocence she never really had the chance to experience due to her foolish youthful betrothal. Slowly, he leaned in toward her and she did the same, closing her eyes only when she trusted he would not pull away.

That’s all you get for now. And trust me, this is no romance novel, but it does have three major love scenes it in. This is the beginning of the third one. I had to pick this one because the others all had spoilers for major plot points in them. Hope you liked it and it piqued your interest (at least a little) to read the rest of the novel.

How Many Words Does it Take to Wear Out a Writer?

Hi. This is me right now.


Why?I just wrote 7,876 words – in 12 hours. Because I’m crazy like that. And because Summer Heacock was hosting a writing marathon on Twitter. (She wrote 20,000 words in two days and finished her MS! Go congratulate her.)

So, no formal blog post this week. Actually, I may not be posting anymore this year because I’m really pushing hard to get my current MS done. So if you don’t hear from me for a bit, that’s why. I’m holed up in the writing cave creating some historical juiciness for you. But on the other hand, if something strikes me and I feel like blogging about it, I will.

Oh, I’m up over at Spellbound Scribes tomorrow, too, (luckily that post is already done) so I’ll reblog that.

In January, I’ll be participating in the annual No Kiss Blogfest. That means in the new year, you’ll get a preview of a sexy scene I’ve written that does not involve kissing (hence the name). I’ll have to change the name of my MC so you don’t guess who the book is about, but I think you’ll like what I’ve written.

In case I don’t blog before, Happy Holidays (whatever you may celebrate) and Happy New Year!