Couldn’t Do It Without My Family

My dad and I at Penned Con in September 2016

My dad and I at Penned Con in September 2016

This weeks blog challenge theme: How my family survives my writing.

They make it sound like living with a writer is a tough/bad thing. *bats eyelashes innocently*

Seriously though, it’s really me who couldn’t survive without them.

I’m lucky to come from a really supportive family. The only ones who really have to live with my writing daily are my cats (and they aren’t complaining) and my mom. Poor woman has to endure every idea I’ve ever even thought of having – and we talk every night. But I’ve been like that since long before I became a writer so it’s safe to say she developed coping mechanisms long ago. From what I can tell, she just listens (or at least pretends to), provides feedback when I need it, and cheers me on. If she’s ever complained, I’ve never heard about it. It might help that she drinks. So does my grandmother. (And so do I.) We’re all Austrian (I’m first generation American on that side) so wine runs in our blood.

My dad is quietly supportive. If you were lucky enough to make it to Penned Con back in September, you may have seen him at my booth, giving out swag and talking up my books. He’s quite proud of me. 🙂 And if you know him IRL, chances are good he’s talked you into buying a book. (He’s a magnificent hand-seller!)

The rest of my family is supportive as well. My writing being a serious career pursuit was a tough sell for my grandparents (on my mom’s side), but even they have come around to be cheerleaders for me.

I certainly can’t complain.

(And this was the most awkward blog subject I’ve ever had to write about. Thanks, blog challenge.)

Better question: How do all of you put up with me?