Double Winner at the Midwest Book Awards + Discovering Diamonds Reviews

Midwest Book Awards
I found out over the weekend that Daughter of Destiny won the fantasy category (Camelot’s Queen was also up for that award; I had 2 of 3 finalist slots) and Been Searching for You won the romance category at the Midwest Book Awards!

The winners were covered in the St. Louis Post Dispatch, which is my first mention in my hometown paper. (I didn’t enter the IPPY Awards that are also mention in the article. Those awards are of questionable value for their price.)

Discovering Diamonds Reviews
Plus, Daughter of Destiny, Camelot’s Queen and Madame Presidentess have all been honored with the Discovering Diamonds badge for outstanding indie historical fiction.

If you read nothing else, check out the review for Madame Presidentess. I wish everyone was as as enthusiastic about the book as this reviewer! Here are the links to the other reviews:

Other Big News
Daughter of Destiny reached #49 in the historical fantasy category on Amazon over the weekend, which is HUGE! It stayed there are all weekend and is still in the low 50s. Thank you to everyone who has bought it and spread the word among your friends, family and acquaintances. We will get to #1 yet, together!

And I know about two more awards, but I can’t announce them because they aren’t public yet.


My Ideal Romance Hero (or Alphas, Betas and Gammas, Oh My!)

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This week’s blog challenge is one I can’t believe I’ve never covered here before: My Ideal Romance Hero. I AM a romance writer, after all.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but I am so NOT into alpha males. (Oddly enough I just talked about this during my romance cliche presentation last weekend at the Missouri Writer’s Guild Conference.) If you don’t know what that is, an alpha male is your typical romance hero. He’s usually ripped (think Fabio) and is very masculine, confident and bold. He takes charge to take care of his woman. *shivers* I can fend for myself, thank you. All that testosterone is just not for me.

Give me a beta male any day. A beta male is more vulnerable and sensitive than an alpha. He’s shy, sweet, reliable, trustworthy, easygoing but not a pushover, quick to offer comfort, feels deeply, and avoids confrontation. As author Cynthia Eden says: “The beta, well, he’s the guy you hope to marry in real life. Dependable. Steady. You know, a nice guy. The kind you looked for after you were done playing with the bad boy.”

I wrote Alex in Been Searching for You as a beta male. He’s highly educated, works as a professor (as opposed to alpha male careers like military, cop, fire fighter, construction worker, etc.), and he even cries while reading The Fault in Their Stars. He’s got a thing for theatre and the fine things in life. He’s basically my ideal fantasy man. My Lancelot is also more beta (although he may be a gamma), whereas King Arthur is certainly an alpha, which I did on purpose. Aggrivane is all beta. So is Miles from Been Searching for You. Nick? He’s an alpha-hole. (A subcategory of asshole alphas – this is a real thing in the romance community!)

Actually, the ideal man is probably what is coming to be known in romance circles as a gamma male, a combination of alpha and beta traits. There are shy betas who morph into aggressive, take-change alphas when the heroine is threatened, and alphas who hide a softer, beta side. If I had to pick, give me the former. I’d rather have the sensitive guy who will kick ass if I need him to than the one who kicks ass, but occasionally cries. When I think gamma male, I think Ben Pearl from Interred with Their Bones, who is totally my book boyfriend. he’s an internationally security expert and he protects the hell out of Kate Stanley, but he’s also highly intelligent and is able to keep up with her PhD-level Shakespearean knowledge. *swoon*

Ladies (and men who are so inclined) what does your ideal romance hero look like, physically and in all other ways? I want to know!

Please Vote for Been Searching for You in the RONE Awards

Been Searching for You is up for voting this week in the RONE awards. Popular vote is what turns a nominee a into a finalist and gets her books in front of judges, so please vote.

You MUST be registered at in order to vote for the RONE Awards, so please sign up now. It’s a simple process:

  1. Register at
  2. Click the verification link sent to you via email. (If you don’t verify, you won’t be able to vote.)
  3. Don’t forget to vote at for Been Searching for You.

If you have any trouble, please email me at nicole [dot] evelina [at] att [dot] net and I will try to help you.

Voting is open all week, May 1-7. You can only vote once per registered email address. Thanks in advance!

Three Books Nominated for the Midwest Book Awards!

Can you tell we are in the height of contest season? That seems to be all I talk about here anymore. That will change, I promise. But not today.

I’m over the moon because THREE of my books are finalists in the Midwest Book Awards. What’s more, Daughter of Destiny and Camelot’s Queen are two of the three finalists in the fantasy category! Been Searching for You is a finalist in the romance category.

We will find out who wins on May 12.

Two Award Wins – No April Fools Joke

I have two happy announcements that are no joke!

I found out this morning that Been Searching for You took third place over all categories in the Lyra Awards for Fiction!

Tonight at the Chanticleer Author’s Conference, Camelot’s Queen took home first in category in the Ozma Awards for Fantasy.

Needless to say, it’s been a great day!

Been Searching for You Shortlisted for Romance Award

Chatelaine-Awards-2015Been Searching for You has been short-listed for the 2016 Chatelaine Awards for Romance/Women’s Fiction, sponsored by Chanticleer Reviews! This is the same award Daughter of Destiny ultimately won Grand Prize in last year before going on to take home Book of the Year. Here’s hoping for that luck two years in a row!

Two More Awards and A Sequel Announcement!

DoD CIPA EVVYI’m so happy to announce that Daughter of Destiny (fairy tale/folklore) and Been Searching for You (romance) both placed first in their categories at the Colorado Independent Publishers Association (CIPA) EVVY Awards this weekend! Here’s the full list of winners. (They are the only two books I entered. I’ll enter the other two next year.)


BSFY CIPA EVVYBeen Searching for You was meant to be a standalone book, but so many of you have asked for a sequel that I started to think about it and I’m proud to say, there will be not one more book in the series, but at least two more. I’m actually thinking this *could* end up being an open-ended series. I have an idea for a fourth book percolating. But I have to write the second one first.

The second book doesn’t have a title, but I can tell that the main character is Miles’ long ago ex, Violetta. (She’s mentioned very briefly in Been Searching for You. Blink and you may have missed it.) I don’t know all the details yet, but I promise you our favorite BFF gets his happily ever after AND you get to see Alex and Annabeth’s wedding. I’m hoping to write it at some point in 2017. Not sure on a publication date. I’m still hoping Guinevere will start talking soon so I can write Mistress of Legend next.

Help me name this new series! I was originally thinking Love in the Windy City, but I’m not sure if I want to tie myself down to a location. Book 2 will take place both in Chicago and LA, as will book 3. Do you have any series name suggestions? I’d love to be able to say that a fan helped name the series! Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

More Awards for Daughter of Destiny and Been Searching for You

cipa-evvy-awards-2016-badgeI just found out that both Daughter of Destiny and Been Searching for You are finalists in Colorado Independent Publisher’s Association (CIPA) EVVY Awards Book Competition. Daughter of Destiny is in the Fairytale/Folklore category and Been Searching for You is in romance. Final placement will be announced August 20. More info then!

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