8 thoughts on “Rant: My Facebook Account Has Been Disabled and I Didn’t Do Anything

  1. Oh no! This is so frustrating. I’ll post an abridged version of what’s going on.
    Over the past few days I have been repeatedly getting friend requests from people I’m already friends with. Something’s going on with FB, and it’s definitely not good!

  2. OMG!! So sorry and very angry that this happened. I will pray that the FB deities will wake up and straighten this out for you. This is why our writers group had a 30 minute discussion during a workshop about the importance of your email list and how easy it is to get scre… by the social media giants.
    You work so hard and you have been an inspiration to so many writers. And, of course you are a rock star of an author.
    Stay the curse, Nicole.

  3. Augh. You’re the second friend that’s happened to in the last couple of days. Enfuriating, because of the helplessness … good luck!

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