Daughter of Destiny a Quarterfinalist in Road to Development Contest

Well, this a surprise. Taleflick, the company I use to sell dramatic rights to my self-published books, just announced that Daughter of Destiny is a quarterfinalist in their first Road to Development contest. This contest is part of their efforts to use their own production company to develop some of the books they represent. If your book is listed with them, you are automatically entered, which is why I wasn’t expecting anything.

I can’t say I fully understand the prizes. I’m in the Basic plan (which means I pay the least amount of money to use their services, which include more than this contest). The prizes for that are an upgrade to Standard and a winner badge. But the Standard package includes an option. So if they upgrade me, does the book get considered for option or does it have to go through another round first? I have no idea. I think I would have to upgrade to Standard before I could be considered for an option before the semi-finalists are announced Dec. 21.

My theory is what will be will be. But I’m thrilled that my little debut has yet another honor to add to the list, nearly five years after being published!

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