When Competition is Motivating

My monthly Spellbound Scribes Post.

PS – As an update – PS – One of my friends just found out her latest book made the WSJ bestseller list and she is also named as one of Amazon’s 100 Most Read Authors ever! There’s my motivation to get my butt in gear for that proposal!

Spellbound Scribes

I’m a very competitive person.

Shut up.

I’m beginning to realize that rather than discourage me, the success of others motivates me to work harder, to reach farther, to branch out into areas I otherwise would be afraid to go.

A few years ago, my fellow Scribe Emmie Mears had a run of great news in her career, securing four book deals in one summer for both fiction and non-fiction books. At the time, I was 1.5 years into being on submission for my first book, Daughter of Destiny, and I was starting to see cracks in my relationship with my agent. So while I was happy for Emmie, I was also feeling insecure, which led to me being VERY jealous.

Not long before Emmie’s announcement, my agent had told me the editor who had my book at the time was so certain we were going to get an…

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