Neal Katz – Victoria Woodhull and #MeToo

Neal Katz

Two years ago when I was in Chicago for BEA and the Next Generation Indie Book Awards, I met Neal Katz, a fellow author who is also telling Victoria Woodhull’s story. I knew about him (or rather his name) because I had researched others who have or are writing about her. But I had no idea he’d be so charming and gracious. He’s truly a wonderful man.

Neal is approaching Victoria’s story as a trilogy, so he’s able to go much more in-depth into Victoria and Tennie’s lives than Madame Presidentess does. The first book in the series, Outrageous, won 10 awards. Now he’s now preparing to publish part 2: Scandalous. So if you’re hankering for more on Victoria, go buy his books!

As part of Neal’s pre-publication publicity (say that five times fast), he wrote a great article on how Victoria used her newspaper, Woodhull & Claflin’s Weekly to launch the #MeToo of her time: Go, read, now!

(I also took up the subject of Victoria and #MeToo, but from a different angle.)

Some people might question why I would promote Neal’s books since they are direct competition with mine. My answer is that we aren’t really competitors; we are allies.  As much as I want book sales, that’s not really what this is about. It’s about getting Victoria back into the historical record where she belongs. And the more voices we have out there promoting her, the better. No two writers approach a subject the same way, so even if you’ve read mine, you’re likely to learn something new from his, and vice versa. Plus, the more indie authors (and all authors, for that matter) work together, the better off we all are.

6 thoughts on “Neal Katz – Victoria Woodhull and #MeToo

  1. There are countless books on Abraham Lincoln, Eleanor Roosevelt, Ernest Hemingway, etc., etc., etc. Should that stop anyone from writing a book on them? I think not!

  2. I admire that you don’t see Katz as your competitor. It is about getting Victoria Woodhull more attention, and people interested in her will likely want to read more than one book about here. I feel the same way about Arthurian literature – we all benefit each other by fulfilling the reader’s thirst for more King Arthur novels. There’s enough in this world for everyone. Scarcity is a bigger myth than King Arthur.

    Tyler Tichelaar

  3. Thanks Nicole Evelina for posting my b log on Victoria Woodhull. See around the award circuit ! Yes , we both believe in supporting oth4er authors, and we both want Victoria Woodhull and Tennessee Celeste Claflin to become iconic figures for modern women everywhere. #AuthorsSupportingAuthors

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