So, Does This Make Me a Bestseller?

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This is kind of an off the wall way to promote a new book,  but no one ever said I was normal…

My first non-fiction book, The Once and Future Queen: Guinevere in Arthurian Legend, was published earlier today, and within a few hours, it had some pretty awesome rankings on Amazon:

I was beyond floored to be in such esteemed company and thrilled to see those rankings. There was a major adrenaline rush, I won’t lie.

But I’m also a bit skeptical of  now calling myself a bestseller. I know some people would, but to me there’s a HUGE difference between making #1 in a niche category (which Arthurian Literary Criticism obviously is) and being on the overall bestseller list. I mean, 57,858 books were selling better than my book was at the time that screenshot was taken. If I was #1 in overall literary criticism, I’d at…

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2 thoughts on “So, Does This Make Me a Bestseller?

  1. I think you can brag that your book hit number one on its release day, but bestseller know, though I’ve seen some people claim this. I believe the true definition of a bestseller is 35,000 copies sold or making the NYT’s list. Anyway, I’m thrilled that your book did so well!

    Tyler Tichelaar

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