Author Branding – More Than Your Logo and Tagline

For the writers among us…

Spellbound Scribes

Many of the external elements of my brand can be seen here.

Whole books have been written on author branding, but I wanted to go over the basics today since a lot of people seem confused by the idea. Even though I have a background in marketing, I used to be intimidated, too, until I realized branding is really about how you present yourself to the world. After watching my day job company go through a multi-year re-branding process and reading up on it applies to authors, I’ve learned quite a bit.

We usually think of logo, maybe tagline, when we hear “brand.” Yes, those are the most obvious aspects, but branding is much, much more. Think of the term as meaning your “whole package.” Within that, there are elements that are more internal to you as an author (but still affect those you interact with) and those that are…

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