2016 – In Review and By the Numbers

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This may well be my last blog post of 2016, unless something else comes up, so I thought it would be a good time to look back on this wacky, wonderful year – as my boss at my day job calls it “The Year of Niki.” To be honest, I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had a chance to stop and enjoy it. I haven’t let the successes sink in. So, this is going to be as much of an experience for me and it is a wrap-up for everyone else.

Books published: 4
Print and ebook: 4
Audio book: 3
Awards won: 13
Media appearances: 26
TV: 2
Radio: 6
Podcasts: 2
Print articles:  16
Speaking events: 10
Book signings (outside of speaking events):  5
Blog tours: 6
Blog posts: 90 (82 on this blog and 8 others I didn’t re-blog from Spellbound Scribes)
Guest posts/interviews: 90
Daughter of Destiny: 24
Camelot’s Queen: 18
Been Searching for You: 17
Madame Presidentess: 25
Other/General: 6
Travel destinations: Bellingham, WA; Chicago, IL; Schaumburg, IL;  Oxford, England
Books read: 89 (including two beta read books, but the year is not over yet and I’m aiming for 100)
Pages read: (according to Goodreads): 29,792

Ah, I think I now know why I’m so tired! I had no idea I did all of this! Wow. And this is with a full-time job and no assistant. Yeah, I’m crazy. But it proves I live my mantra, “Dreams don’t work unless you do.”

I haven’t formally set my goals for 2017 yet, but I already have 7 events planned between March-June. I know you will get at least two books from me in 2017 (Mistress of Legend and one smaller, non-fiction book. I’m hoping possibly a Chicago Soulmate book as well – we’ll see.) And 2017 was supposed to be my year to slow down…

I hope all of you have wonderful holidays, no matter what you celebrate, and in case I don’t blog again before the end of the year, Happy New Year! Thank you for all of your support over this crazy year. It really means so much to me and is what holds me up on the days I’m so exhausted I can’t see straight or am down for one reason or another. You are all wonderful!

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  1. Are you sure you are writing fiction? If you are a Celt, you will be receiving communication from your tribemates, living and Spiritual elders. Maybe you are receiving Celtic truth. Just a thought.

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