10 Things I’ve Learned in My First Year as a Published Indie Author

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When I originally picked this date for my post, I thought I would be writing something about making history with our first female president and a tie-in to my book Madame Presidentess, which is about Victoria Woodhull, the first woman to ever run for president in the US in 1872. 

Yeah, not so much.

The last thing we all need right now is another political diatribe (believe me, I’ve written many in my head in the last 24 hours). So, as they say on Monty Python “and now for something completely different…”

My one-year anniversary of being a published author is coming up on January 1. As with all other things, you learn as you go. Here are 10 things I’ve learned from experience this year.

  1. Set a realistic publication schedule. Don’t try to publish four books in seven months like I did…

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2 thoughts on “10 Things I’ve Learned in My First Year as a Published Indie Author

  1. Every point you make is so very true here. I have never been concerned about competition. I always figure if someone likes my books they’ll look for more like mine by other authors and vice-versa. People may only need one vacuum or one dishwasher but they never feel they need only one book so competition is largely nonexistent, at least when it comes to fiction.

    I’ve been at it for ten years and I’m finally getting to the “Take a break when you need it stage.”

    Tyler Tichelaar

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