Saying Thank You and a Review of Daughter of Destiny

5star-shiny-webI’ve been a guest on what feels like a billion blogs in the last few weeks and I wanted to take a second to say thank you to each of the hosts for their time and for lending me their blog for a day.

And of course, thank you to everyone who has bought the book so far. I wouldn’t have a career without you! Please, tell your friends, leave reviews and hang on for several more releases in the next few months. Just think, instead of waiting a year or more for Camelot’s Queen, you only have to wait until April 12!

I also wanted to share this lovely 5-Star review of Daughter of Destiny from Reader’s Favorite:

“Reviewed by Sandra Masters for Readers’ Favorite:

Daughter of Destiny by Nicole Evelina is well written in first person, and captured my interest with a unique prologue, a simple one paragraph, that made me want to read more about a woman I thought readers of Arthurian legends knew all about. Was Guinevere a sinner or a saint — or a lovely combination of both? Evelina took a different aspect of Gwen’s life than we’ve been told from other authors. We are introduced to Gwen when she is sent to Avalon to become a pagan priestess at the age of eleven. At age fifteen, because of a tragic circumstance, she is sent back to the family who were strangers to her and the pagan faith of her mother. This faith clashes with Christianity. By chance, she is introduced to the new High King Arthur, a Christian, and her life changes forever when she has to abandon the man she truly loved for four years to marry another.

Daughter of Destiny, Book 1 of Guinevere’s Tale, is written in lyrical prose and deposits you right in the middle of medieval times. The writing is fast paced, historically correct for the era, and a page turner. I sympathized with the character whom fictional history buffs branded a lustful harlot because of circumstances that were thrust upon this intelligent, high spirited and delightful woman. Great twist at the end. Evelina’s 15 years of research are a powerful addition to a fantastic read. Can’t wait for Book Two. Prepare to embrace Guinevere. I feel privileged to have read this outstanding novel by a great writer.”