Quick Newsletter Update

Following the example of my new author friend Stephanie Carroll, i’ve decided to publish my newsletter quarterly, unless there is big news to share. 

Given that I’m a Celtic geek, I’ve decided to publish on August 1 (Lughnasa), October 31/November 1 (Samhain), February 1 (Candlemas) and May 1 (Beltane). These are the high holy days of the Celtic calendar.

Right now I expect each issue to contain:

  • New – a reflection on that Celtic holiday, updates on what’s been going on
  • Now – what I’m working on at the moment/progress since last issue
  • Next – what’s coming up
  • DIY MFA Update – A glimpse into how my continuing education is going & what i’ve learned. 
  • You May Have Missed – links to popular blog posts and/or articles I’ve written
  • Recommendations – books i’ve enjoyed that you may want to check out

Look for the first issue to be out August 1. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can do so here.