We Are All the Dragon’s Daughters: What a GoT Video Taught Me About Strong Women

Spellbound Scribes

I was going to write my post on something else completely, but then my fellow Spellbound Scribe, Emmie Mears, tweeted this awesome Game of Thrones tribute video. Go. Watch. You won’t regret it. You may even find yourself watching it over and over as Emmie and I have.

Now, I don’t even like GoT and I thought it was really powerful. What I couldn’t get out of my head were the women in the video, especially Daenerys. I found myself wondering, “If I’m not a fan of the books or show, what is it that I’m reacting to? It has to be speaking to me in some other way.” This is my answer to that question, setting aside all mythology associated with the book/show.

The first part of my answer is we’re seeing women that history has not allowed us to have and that we desperately need. The second thing…

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