Your Turn: What Do You Want to See in 2014?

Hello, readers! I’m working on an editorial calendar for 2014. Please let me know in the comments about any topics you want to read about: anything Arthurian, Celtic, about books or writing (mine or the process in general). Are there people you’d like to see guest post? (I don’t know Stephen King, so he’s not an option, but I do know some historical fiction and fantasy writers, so I can at least ask them.) Do you want to guest post? I want this site to be as useful to you as possible, so if there’s something you’ve been wondering about, please tell me here and I’ll address it in 2014. Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Your Turn: What Do You Want to See in 2014?

  1. I’d love to do a blog switch with you! Even though I don’t write historical fiction, I’m HEAVILY influenced by Arthurian legend in my steampunk/science fiction writing. Let me know!

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