Learning to Yield

This is me being all philosophical over at Spellbound Scribes earlier this week. Oddly enough, I took my own advice today.

Spellbound Scribes

The other night I came across an inspiring post by author Jane Kirkpatrick about how the acronym YIELD can be used to show us how to find happiness as writers. Check it out. I’ll wait.

Are you back? It’s great stuff, right? Well, it got me to thinking about the concept of “yielding” and how it fits into our lives as readers, writers, and human beings. Warning: philosophizing ahead.

When we hear the word yield, we may think of the big yellow traffic signs that (in America, at least) urge us to slow down and give right of way to others before continuing on. But that’s only one connotation of the word. It can also mean to accept defeat or to give in to someone/something that is stronger.

In our hectic world, where we fight from the moment we wake up until the moment when we fall asleep again, sometimes…

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2 thoughts on “Learning to Yield

  1. I was at that intersection two years ago! Ended up in Liskard for some charity shop shopping! Sorry nothing to do this your point, but ! all the same.

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