Blogger Interview with Nicole Evelina

AE Heller was kind enough to interview me on her blog. Here’s the result…

Hellar Reviews

I’m so excited to present today’s Blogger and Author, Nicole Evelina. Nicole is one of the first people I met when I started blogging. She’s been super cool and supportive, so it was an obvious choice when it was time to do my first blogger/author post.  Without further adieu..drum roll please….. I present…

Blogger: Nicole Evelina

Title of Blog: Through the Mists of Time


A.H. When did you start blogging?

N.E. June 2011. It was an odd series of events that led up to it. A friend of mine had suggested it about a year before and I swore I’d never do it because it took time away from writing. But then I finished my first book and started to think about querying and building an audience. Then, I had the great fortune of meeting author Alyson Noel in Pasadena, California, which was a life-changing experience. It made…

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