Mid-week #ROW80 Check-in

ROW80LogocopyMonday through Wednesday aren’t my most productive days, so these mid-week check-ins are shorter than the Sunday ones. This has been a few days of thinking, rather than action for me.

Make Progress on Book 3 – Guinevere and I are still conversing about possible changes to this book. She also hit me over the head with a major point that I can’t believe I’ve missed for half the book. (It was definitely a “duh!” moment.) I’m thinking I’m going to need to do some serious dismantling of the first part before I move on because the necessary changes will affect the second half.

Write Glastonbury by December 31 Got some more plot ideas on this book, including one that I think will weave an important aspect of the book throughout the plot nicely.

Write at least four days each week – I like to think of my lack of writing as resting before NaNo. You believe that, right? 🙂

Exercise every other day – This I did! Sunday was the bicycle desk and last night I attempted a ballet video on Youtube. Ballerina is not in my career future, no matter how much I may like the art form. It’s actually sad how not limber I am. I may still take a beginner’s class someday.

I promise, the Sunday Summary will be way more exciting.

2 thoughts on “Mid-week #ROW80 Check-in

  1. So sorry for not stopping in sooner, Nicole… sounds like you could have used a bit of defense from Guinevere (even if she did help give you some good ideas, rewrites take time and energy that can be hard to come by at this time of the year). Sounds like you’ve got a sense of direction and a plan for next month though…

    And exercise! Good for you taking time with the exercise bike (bike desk? sounds like something I could use) and the ballet video. If you lack flexibility now, keep at it slowly… you’ll improve faster than you expect.

    • Hi Eden,

      Glad you stopped by to say hello! No worries about Guinevere. We’ve been dealing with each other for a long time. We know how things work.

      The bike desk is so cool! I use it when I’m reading or talking on the phone, any spare moment I can slip some physical activity in. I think it should show up if you search “bike desk” on Amazon. That’s where I got mine. There are photos of it in my Twitter profile. Thanks for the encouragement on the flexibility front. I need to make myself streach every night, even if I don’t do any other work out.

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