Mid Week #ROW80 Check-in

ROW80LogocopyI can’t believe it’s Wednesday already! I’m happy to say I actually have something to report:

  • Make Progress on Book 3 – It appears Guinevere and I are on speaking terms again. She spoke up the other day with “why didn’t I do X? What would have happened if I did?” and then my brain was off and running with ideas for things that are missing from what I’ve already written and what could be moved around to improve it. Go figure, a little space was all Guinevere and I needed. As my friend Courtney said, “your books behave like men; the second you don’t give them any attention, it’s all they want. As soon as it’s time to focus on them, they clam up.”  I’m not sure if I’ll be doing any writing over the coming days, but I’ll still be thinking about what Guinevere as challenged me with. I’ve also got some additional research to do.
  • Write Glastonbury by December 31 – I’ve done a bit of research since Sunday, and spent a while thinking about exactly how this book was going to play out. Then today at work, when I was working on something totally different, I was struck with inspiration of how this book is going to be laid out. I’m thinking it won’t be told in chronological order (a first for me as a writer). But I may write chronologically, and then piece it together in the correct order with the second draft. We’ll see how that goes as I keep planning.
  • Write at least four days each week – I wrote a bit yesterday. Nothing much, just the opening words to Glastonbury (not a prologue, really just an opening statement that would come before the first chapter.) along with a few opening lines to chapter 1. But it was something and it made the book feel like it’s actually going to happen.
  • Exercise every other day – I exercised Sunday, skipped yesterday, but made up for it todayMy rowing machine (or as my mom calls it “my dragon” – that’s what she thinks it looks like) are becoming fast friends.

I’m off for the next four days, so I’m hoping to make some more progress. Will let you know all about it on Sunday! Best of luck to all my fellow ROW80ers!

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