Random Dorky Blog Post – Assassin’s Creed, Sleepy Hallow and Doom

First of all, I’m sorry to those got the unfinished version of this post earlier. Three college degrees and sometimes I still can’t get the difference between “preview” and “publish.”

Because I’m a dork, you’re getting this random blog post today. I promise you a “normal” Celtic one tomorrow. Remember how a while back I talked about being a gamer girl before I started writing? Well, old habits die hard. I just realized that the Assassin’s Creed games (which I’ve never played, but I would if I wasn’t writing novels) have amazing scores. Thank goodness for Youtube! I now have new writing music.

Sleepy Hollow's demon in the mirror

Sleepy Hollow’s demon in the mirror

And on an even dorkier note, I’m in love with the new Sleepy Hollow show. (I always want to spell it Hallow as in Halloween.) But I noticed their main demon (henceforth known as the Demon in the Mirror) looked really familiar. I think someone behind the show played too much Doom II as a teen. Case in point, the pictures on this page.

Baron of Hell from Doom

Baron of Hell from Doom

The pink uglies from Doom are called the Barons from Hell. I looked that up. (So glad I didn’t know the demons had names. Even i would have been worried if I did.)

Both are vaguely minotar-like and play on the more classic goat-headed image of Satan.

I also think the Dream Demon (Sandman from episode 3) and the Archviles from Doom II look a lot

Dream demon from Sleepy Hollow

Dream demon from Sleepy Hollow

alike. (Boy I really did spend too much time gaming as a teenager.) Maybe it’s just because they are both hairless, naked bald things with no eyes and really creepy long fingers.

Archville from Doom II

Archville from Doom II

I’m not saying that the Sleepy Hollow folks did this on purpose; it’s probably either subconscious or due to the fact a lot of demons share common characteristics in mythology, whether modern or ancient. (Wow, there’s a sentence you don’t get to use in everyday conversation much.)

KatrinaI’ll also mention that Katia Winter, who plays Crain’s wife, Katrina, in Sleepy Hollow, is the official muse for the eldest daughter in a Celtic (even more Celtic than my Arthurian books) novel that I’m hoping to write next year.

Whew! Glad that’s off my chest. You may all go about your normal daily activities now.

Do any of you see the resemblances, too? Or am I just crazy? Wait, I already know the answer to that! Do you watch Sleepy Hollow? Have you played Doom or Assassin’s Creed? What do you think about them?

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  1. Cool comparison shots! It’s quite possible that the conceptual artists who created the SH characters might have played a game or two in their past…

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