We’re Two! Time for a Giveaway!

Cherio! I’m back from England! (Photos on Flickr, video on YouTube.) But I’ll start the posts on that next week.

Today, we have something else to celebrate. We’re two today at Through the Mists of Time! Happy blogiversary, everyone! It amazes me how much we’ve grown – 660 subscribers and counting, not to mention all of you who read this blog through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other forms of social media.

Of course, blogiversaries mean presents for all of you. I bought some neat little things in England:


  1. The three location magnets (Avebury, Stonehenge, the Uffington White Horse) are from Avebury. They can be given away individually or as a set, depending on interest.
  2. The four figurines are a set (they are tiny, about 1-2 inches tall) meant to represent a warrior, bard, wizard and I think a Saxon.
  3. King Arthur magnet is from the Glastonbury Abbey gift shop.
  4. The wall plaque of the Celtic god Cernunnos is from a shop in Glastonbury. (It’s about 4 inches high.)

If you’re interested in winning any of the above, please leave a comment below with your name, email address and which item(s) you’re interested in. The contest will be open through noon (CST) on Sunday, June 23. I’ll notify each winner individually as well as mention you here in the next blog post.

Thanks to everyone who reads this little piece of my mind every week. I’m keeping this short this week because jet lag is enticing me to go back to sleep. Love to all!

15 thoughts on “We’re Two! Time for a Giveaway!

  1. ohh.. these are perfect giveaway.. I just found your blog over wordpress reader..
    Happy 2 years blogin’versay..
    would love to win these fabulous gift for my hubby.. he will love this..
    hope you will recover from your jet lag soon.. 😀

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