C is for Crystals

So many crystals, so little time!

I’m easily distracted by anything shiny. (Stop snickering, those of you who know me offline.) Ever since I was little, all it took to make me happy was a rock that sparkled in the sun. I grew up in an area of the Midwest where caves are quite common, so my parents would often take me to them on weekends and every one had a gift shop. That was where I bought my first geode to crack open and my first set of crystals, having no idea it would lead to a life-long obsession.

I still have that first package of rocks, neatly wrapped in plastic and glued to thick paper with the name of the stone written underneath. Only today, I have many, many other stones as well. Some are tumbled, some are rough cut, but all are special. I have so many I could probably open my own store.

Every stone (or crystal, call it what you like) has its own unique properties. There are a million books that will tell you about them (I prefer Cassandra Eason’s The Complete Crystal Handbook), but I like to work with them intuitively. I’m an earth sign (Virgo), so a lot of times I just go with whichever crystal strikes me as right. Crystals can inspire, heal, strengthen, calm and aid in anything you do in life. You can hold them, meditate with them, carry them in your pocket, wear them as jewelery, or just have them in the room with you and they will do their thing.

Many shamanistic cultures (including the Native Americans) were known for understanding and using the healing power of crystals, but as of today, I haven’t found any evidence that the Celts felt the same way. (If you know differently, please let me know.) But I haven’t really been looking for that connection, either. So they don’t figure into my Guinevere books, but they will into a fantasy novel I’m planning for the future.

There are hundreds of crystals out there, but here are five that are good for writers, communicators and book lovers. (This is a short summary of their properties. Each one has many more.)

  1. White howlite

    White Howlite – Known to help calm and bring patience, howlite is also a communication stone. Take with you or put it in your pocket when you need to have an open and honest conversation. But beware it is very powerful and you may not like what you hear. This is the artists’ stone (no matter what your medium) and it encourages life-long learning.

  2. Garnet

    Garnet – Garnet is often mistaken for ruby, but it has a deeper burgundy color than a ruby. Long believed to be a protective stone, garnets are worn as talisman against evil spirits. It is also the stone of the creative fire within. Though I have no documentation to back this up, I believe it to be sacred to the Goddess Brigid and her fire of inspiration. Paired with an opal, it is a great stone to induce writing productivity.

  3. Opal

    Opal – Good at balancing the right and left hemispheres of the brain, opal is the stone of all who write, act, dance, etc. – especially those who hope to do these things professionally. Opals are fiery, with a rainbow of colors reflected within, so they represent the range of possibilities open to you in life. They’ve been revered since the time of Pliny as wonders and are, to me, sacred to the Goddess Brigid.

  4. Blue Goldstone

    Blue Goldstone – This stone is called blue, but to me it looks like a deep purple. It sparkles like it has glitter in it, especially in sunlight, so it makes me very happy. Some say it resembles a starry sky. It’s said to be helpful in getting your big break in your career and is considered a wish stone with strong positive energy. It also facilitates clear communications.

  5. Citrine

    Citrine – Citrine is a naturally upbeat stone, being a bright yellow, like the sun. It’s strongest property is that it takes negative energy from the environment (and others) and turns it into positive energy. It hardly ever needs to be cleansed, so it can be left alone for long periods of time without tending. I wear a citrine pendant every day and have found it helpful in identifying my inner happiness and shielding myself from the negativity of others.

Do you use crystals? If so, how? Are there any you want to learn more about? Or do you think they are all just a bunch of hooey? Let me know in the comments and I’ll tell you what I can. Also, please let me know if you have any suggestions for future “C” topics.

5 thoughts on “C is for Crystals

    • Hi Caroline,

      I’m glad you liked the most. Thanks for sharing the link to yours. I just read it and it’s very interesting. I especially liked the part about what modern science recognizes about crystals and their use in computers, watches, etc. The zodiac associations also really caught my eye. Interesting that fluorite goes with Virgos, because fluorite is, for me, the most powerful meditation stone.

      • Oh wow that’s interesting! I just love stones and Astrology so I thought its a great combo. Thanks for stopping by! Warm regards Caroline

  1. I adore stones and crystals! My all-time favorite is Malachite, which is good at healing and protection when used properly. It can also help with problems stemming from electromagnetic fields – and given the number of electronics in our lives, this can be a good thing.

    Hematite, tiger’s eye, rose and crystal quartz, citrine, amethyst, green and orange calcite, and obsidian are others I frequently use.

    Other C subjects? Hmm. Charon, the ferryman of the dead? Cerridwen, Welsh goddess and character from the Mabinogian? Camelot? Oh, so many fun possibilities!

    • Always great to meet someone of like mind! For some reason, malachite is one of the stones I always forget about. I have several pieces of it, but I can’t say I’ve ever really worked with it. Maybe I should dedicate some time to learning about it since you’ve brought it back to my attention.

      Thank you for the C topics! I was actually going to do Camelot, but decided to wait a while on that one because it can be a complex subject that might end up being a series of posts. I also like your idea of Cerridwen. I’d like to increase my knowledge about her, and this would be the perfect place to share it.

      Thanks for your comment, too!

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