Online Courses

I offer a series of business and craft courses for writers that are all based on my own research and expertise. Most began as presentations that I offer live, but I wanted to make them available to a wider audience. Price is based on length and I offer one free course so you can try before you buy.

Many can be taken by any author, published or not, traditional or indie:

  • Back Cover Copy That Sells – FREE
  • Setting and Description – $10
  • Self-Editing – $20
  • Business Plans for Authors – $20
  • Branding for Authors – $30
  • Websites and Social Media for Authors -$30
  • Marketing Plans for Authors – $50
  • Writing Historical Fiction – $50

Some are geared only to indie authors:

  • Audio Books for Indie Authors – $20
  • Steps to Self Publishing -$30
  • Self Publishing 101 – $100  (This course is several courses in one, including Steps to Self Publishing, Business Plans, Marketing Plans, Web and Social Media. If you bought the classes separately, you’d pay nearly twice that amount.)

See a complete course catalog, including course descriptions and length. All courses are in PDF format and many come with additional handouts.

Meet Your Instructor

Want to learn more about me and what makes me qualified to teach on these subjects? Check out my vitae.

Future Planned Courses

  • Advanced Author Branding
  • How to Use Pinterest to Develop Your Story and Career
  • How Acting Can Make Your a Better Writer
  • Public Speaking for Authors
  • Starting Strong: Tips for Honing Your Novel’s First Chapter, Page and Line
  • Resources for Self Published and Hybrid Authors
  • Working with a Publicity Company: What You Need to Know
  • Building Strong Characters
  • How to Write a Query Letter That Goes You Noticed

If you have any questions about my courses or suggestions for future courses, please email me at nicole[dot]evelina[at]att[dot]net.