Discuss Been Searching for You

Book club discussion guide

Ideas for themed food and drink

  • Special event appetizers like canapes, stuffed mushrooms, spinach in phyllo dough, mini crab cakes or other things you’d eat at a high-end special event like 50 Shades of Great or at a wedding.
  • Chocolate chip pancakes (think of Mia while you’re eating them!)
  • Tacos and burritos (in honor of Alex and Annabeth’s first date)
  • Chicago-style hot dogs, Garret’s popcorn, Chicago-style pizza
  • Lobster bisque and sea scallops (like on Annabeth’s birthday) lobster and veggies (like in the final scene) or Beef Wellington (like at Christmas)
  • If you wish to include alcohol, champagne, mimosas, Cosmopolitans/Appletinis, beer, vodka, wine and whiskey (thanks to Alex’s heritage) are all appropriate, as they are consumed in the book.
  • For more ideas, check out this list of iconic Chicago foods.


  • See the book’s playlist
  • Your favorite love songs
  • The soundtrack to the musical Rent
  • Michael Buble
  • Frank Sinatra, especially “Chicago”
  • Big Band music