Upcoming Releases

The Once and Future Queen: Guinevere in Through History (Non-fiction)
Anticipated Publication Date: Late 2017

Explore how the character of Guinevere has changed in literature from her first appearance in the Celtic Triads to today.

Escape (Chicago Soulmates 1.5) Novella
Anticipated Publication Date: Late 2017

What do you call an hour trapped in a room with your co-workers? Most people would say hell – or least a meeting. Annabeth’s employer calls it team building. Annabeth, Miles and Alex have only 60 minutes to work together to escape the room under Nick’s leadership. With puzzles to solve and the clock ticking, tempers flare, egos collide, and sharp words are spoken; but no matter what happens, they still have to face one another at work the next day. Will this newly re-organized team rally together, or will the pressure break them? If the later, it could cost them their jobs.

Mistress of Legend (Guinevere’s Tale Book 3) Historical Fantasy
Anticipated Publication Date: Early 2018

Most tales say Guinevere lived out her days in penance in a convent. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. This is the tale of Guinevere’s life leading up to and after Arthur’s death…and she certainly didn’t end her days in a convent!