Spread the Word – The Guinevere’s Tale Trilogy $0.99 Sale


Here are a few pre-written Tweets you may wish you share. (Feel free to edit/add you own feelings about the book!)

  1. Three ebooks for $0.99? July 8-15 only. Experience Camelot through Guinevere’s eyes. http://bit.ly/GT99sale #amreading #arthurian #ebook #99cents #fantasy
  2. Missing Game of Thrones? Read The Guinevere’s Tale Trilogy. Only $0.99 in ebook July 8-15. http://bit.ly/GT99sale #GoT #amreading #ebook #99cents
  3. Waiting for the Winds of Winter? Get Lost in The Guinevere’s Tale Trilogy. $0.99 in ebook July 8-15. http://bit.ly/GT99sale #GoT #amreading #ebook #99cents

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Here are some images you can share on social media to help promote the Guinevere’s Tale Trilogy being on sale for $0.99 July 8-15. Please link them back to this page for the boxed set: https://nicoleevelina.com/the-books/historical-fiction/guineveres-tale-box-set/. (Right click on the photo(s) you like to download it.)

Is there anything else I can provide to help you? Just email me at nicole.evelina (at) net.